Gallery Of Fun Small Animal Pictures!

Choose a pet species, from hamster to rabbit to ferret to guinea pig and more, and enjoy cute pictures of it.

Photos of small animal pets range from the cute to the silly to the oh-my-gosh-you-have-to-see-this variety. That’s why looking at pictures of small animal pets is so much fun. You never know what you’ll see next! Ferrets exploring a trash can? Check. A chinchlla playing magician? Check. A rabbit with carrot-stained lips? Check. We’ve got all that and more in our fun pictures galleries. So take a few minutes to  browse the photos and lift your spirits.

Click the photo or text below it to see the entire gallery of pictures for that species.

And what about sending a photo of your own? Your pet is adorable. So what’s more natural than sharing its picture so others can see how cute, sweet and precious your pet is? Snap a photo of your pet on the go, sleeping, eating, snuggling and just being its joyful self. Then email it to us. We add a caption and post it in the appropriate gallery. Send your pet’s picture  to and mark the subject line “Fun Picture.”

Check back for updated pictures in the galleries in the future. One gallery gets a new photo each week.

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