Now That We Have Fuzzberta The Guinea Pig And Her Many Costumes The Internet Can Close

Each image of Fuzzberta on Instagram is like a little, tiny Guinea Pig vignette and nothing is better.

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Hold on to your tiny hats. Fuzzberta's pics are amazing.

What has a tiny chainsaw, mini tri-corner hat and nearly 70,000 Instagram followers? Fuzzberta the Guinea Pig.

Fuzzberta has caught the attention of multiple media outposts and thousands of people simply looking for a cute-fix. Most recently, HooplaHa posted a video that features a behind-the-scenes look at owner Monica Wu’s wardrobe and photography magic. And it is magical.

Fuzzberta and big sister MiniGuineaPig wear costumes ranging from standards such as an astronaut, a chef and a nurse to more specific characters like Harry Potter, James Bond and Elsa from “Frozen.”

“I had started an Instagram account for Fuzzberta because I thought she ws really cute, and in one of the pictures she was wearing this tiny hat and people liked it,” Monica says in the video.

She made more costumes for Fuzzberta and her sister, which more and more people liked.

“After a while, I was shooting pictures of Guinea Pigs in really elaborate handmade wigs,” she said. “Yeah.”

The piggies are so popular, Monica created a 2016 calendar that she sold on Etsy. A publisher contacted her soon after seeing the product to talk about a future project. This means we might get even more Fuzzberta and MiniGuineaPig in the future. But enough talk — see for yourself.

1. The name is Berta — Fuzzberta. Let the Guinea Pig puns ensue.

We pictured a tiny Aston Martin rolling up and almost passed out.

2. Off to market.

“I forgot to bring my own bag! Oh well. I’ll just eat it all now, then.”

3. Fuzz Lightyear! We die.

Captain Fuzz Lightyear boldly goes where no fuzz has gone before! ???? So brave. So glorious. So fuzz.

A photo posted by Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta) on

To infinity and beyond and also to our desktop wallpaper.

4. Let it go! (This pic is a sneak peek from Fuzzberta and MiniGuineaPig’s calendar.)

The bond between Guinea Pig sisters is strong.

5. Fuzzberta, you’re our only hope.

#tb to when Princess Leia got shrunk into a baby. #starwars #theforceawakens

A photo posted by Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta) on

“Aren’t you a little short to be a Guinea Pig stormtrooper?”

6. Breakfast is served.

“O hai, i made this for you” – We saw that it was #worldnutelladay, so we decided to share this #recipe that will FUZZING CHANGE YOUR LIFE. For reals. The human came up with it and it’s soooo easy. Are you ready??? – – – To make CINNAMON NUTELLA QUESADILLAS: 1) Spread some nutella on a flour tortilla. 2) Sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon over the nutella. 3) Fold the tortilla in half, and crisp it in a pan like you would a normal quesadilla. Or zap it for 30 seconds in the microwave if you live in a dorm and/or are feeling lazy. If you’re feeling super ultra lazy, then don’t even heat it at all cause it’s still good. You should totally make it for breakfast tomorrow. (Disclaimer: This recipe is only for people, not piggies. Sorry Fuzz….) A photo posted by Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta) on

Are these the tiniest, cutest Nutella quesadillas from the tiniest, cutest chef ever?

7. See you on the Internet, Boo.

Me ‘n my Fuzz ????

A photo posted by Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta) on

Fuzzberta, you’ve won the internet.

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