Funny Dog Videos: Living with a Mastiff

A Mastiff's antics are caught on film when his owner comes home to a big dog mess. Check out this funny dog video.

As a good dog owners, we all know that it’s very important to make sure that our dogs cannot reach or come into contact with things we don’t want them to (such as trash). However, one little slip up plus a persistent pooch can be the difference between taking home proudest pet parent of the year and doggy disaster.

Every dog owner knows the feeling of coming home to a huge, widespread mess that spans practically the entire area of a room. Right? Please say it’s not just us! Well this video makes us feel a little better at least.

In this funny dog video, the owner of Mastiff, Tank, American Bulldog, Jed, and mixed breed Xena comes home to a house covered in trash. It would appear one of the dogs was caught “red-pawed” in this video, but we can’t help but think that maybe he wasn’t alone. It’s so easy to blame the big guy, but we all know that Mastiffs are gentle giants. Wrong place, wrong time? Maybe he was framed? Check out this hilarious case of a guilty dog. 

This video was shared by PuckeredPeteBrewery

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More about Mastiffs: Mastiffs are among the largest of all dogs and can reach over 200 pounds. As with all humungous breeds, potential owners need to be aware of special needs that these huge pooches have. Everything, from bedding, food, and vet trips might cost a bit more, and they just might get into “bigger” trouble. They are gentle giants though and make great family pets, being able to handle younger children with ease. Learn more>>

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