Funny Dog Videos: Bulldog in a Box

Adorable Bulldog fits himself into tiny box. Need we say more?

Well known for their amusing streak of stubbornness the Bulldogs’ clownish natures tend to get them into a variety of interesting and funny situations. With the Bulldog’s big eyes, wrinkles, and adorable under-bites, the breed is oftenat the top of the list for cute dog photos and videos. Some dogs were born to hunt, others were born to amuse- it just comes naturally. That said it’s no surprise that we loved this funny dog video.

Bo the Bulldog represents the breed’s sense of humor as he insists on squeezing himself into the smallest cardboard box available. We’ll assume this is not the first Bulldog who has tried to fit himself into a tiny place, and hope he is certainly not the last.

Now the question is—who will win? Bulldog or box? 

This funny dog video comes from “BotheofficeBulldog.” 

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More about Bulldogs: The Bulldog today is a softer personality than his intense ancestors, who guarded and controlled bulls, and fought in sporting arenas. Nowadays, Bulldogs would rather cozy up on a couch than bait bulls. The modern Bulldog is gentle, intelligent, affectionate, strong and determined. All that’s left of the tough reputation is a classic under-bite and an amusing streak of stubbornness (bullheadedness!)—sometimes noticed when training starts… Read more>>

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