Fundraiser Supports Service Dogs

Petco and Natural Balance Pet Foods join forces to celebrate National Service Dog Month.

DobermanTo honor National Service Dog Month and sponsor organizations that support and/or train service dogs, Petco and Natural Balance will hold a fundraiser throughout the month of September. The annual fundraiser has always supported guide dogs, but this year in addition to guide dogs, it will also raise funds on behalf of all service dogs including Military Working Dogs and the country’s first ever national monument honoring Military Working Dogs.

Contributions can be made at any Petco or Unleashed or Petco online through September 22, 2012, with all funds going to service dog organizations. All proceeds from the sale of 12 oz. Limited Edition Natural Balance Jerky Bars Treats at Petco will be donated to fund this national monument honoring Military Working Dogs.

The National Monument, which will be dedicated in 2013, will feature a current day combat dog and its handler. The monument will reside at the 341st Training Squadron at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

In addition, Petco and Natural Balance are proud to support the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act, which is currently in the early stages of legislation. The Act which is sponsored by Sen. Richard Blumenthal and supported by the ASPCA, Military Working Dog Adoptions, Natural Balance and Petco, would classify Military Working Dogs as canine members of the Armed Forces instead of equipment. The act would also extend certain benefits to retired Military Working Dogs, including the creation of a military decoration to be awarded to Military Working Dogs killed in action or perform especially courageous acts while in service to the United States.

To read about the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act please click here.

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