Fun Guinea Pig Pictures!

Get a chuckle or a warm, fuzzy feeling by checking out our gallery of cute guinea pig pictures.

Guinea pigs rule. Via blueraider_22/Instagram

Those eyes, that nose, that face! Who could resist taking pictures of adorable guinea pigs? Not the owners who sent us their guinea pig pictures! We’ve taken their great pictures and added a phrase to delight or inspire. We hope you enjoy this guinea pig picture gallery. Many thanks to the people who sent us their photos and made it possible.

Check back for updated pictures in the future. For a larger version of an image, click the picture or the text below it.

guinea pig on princess bed

Envision the best for yourself!

wet guinea pig in sink

Did that really just happen?

guinea pig hiding on stairway with stuffed animals

This Is The Year I Catch That Santa Guy
In The Act!

guinea pig with glasses

No One Told Him He Could Not Be A
Professor, So He Became One!

guinea pig with computer

Am I Cute Or What?

guinea pig with igloo

When They Give You A Crown & A Castle
Be The Princess!

guinea pig with boa

I’m ready For My Close-Up.

guinea pig with clover

Whether 3 Leaf Or 4, It’s Clover I Adore!

guinea pig with dog

These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For

patriotic guinea pig

Guinea Pig Apri Says: Wheek The Vote!

two guinea pigs touch noses

Put A Little Love In Your Life

guinea pigs investigate flower vase

Look For Trouble And You Will Find It!

guinea pig sitting in bag

Let The Picnicking Begin!

two guinea pigs on race course

Training For The Guinea Pig 4-Foot Sprint!

guinea pig wearing sunglasses

It’s All About Attitude!

guinea pig balanced on a ball

All It Takes Is Balance!

guinea pig breaking through paper bag

Look! It’s Super Guinea Pig!

two guinea pigs walking in sync

Walk This Way!

guinea pig face

Did You Hear? It’s Leap Day!

guinea pig by pile of carrots

Beware Of Too Many Treats

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