Fun Ferret Pictures!

One great way to celebrate ferrets is with ferret pictures! Add a funny or inspiring saying or caption, and you've got fun ferret pictures. Enjoy!

Photos capture all the ferret antics. Via krkrchan/Instagram

Candid ferret moments make for great ferret pictures. Below are impromptu ferret pictures that capture the essence of “being ferret.” Many thanks to the ferret owners who have shared them with us. We’ve added a saying to each ferret picture to inspire or entertain. Check back often, as we’ll try to update this weekly. To see a larger version of a ferret picture, just click the picture or the text below it.

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ferret wearing mouse hat

Happy Anniversary Disneyland!
May I suggest you add a Weasel War Dance ride?

ferret on carpet by tunnel

The vigilant carpet shark scans for his next prey.

ferret with flag bandana

Feeling Patriotic. Happy 4th of July!

ferret with octopus toy

Decisions, decisions!

two ferrets sniffing a shoe

A Favorite Ferret Pastime: Shoe Inspection!

ferret with toothbrush

Sighting of a dream ferret; one who
brushes his own teeth!

ferret under pompom

Some days, it’s difficult to be the cheerleader.

ferret in play tunnel

May The 4th Be With You!

ferret lying in hammock

Hammock Time!

ferret face

Happy National Ferret Day!

ferret grabbing vase

The Moment Before The Mess

ferret whispering to ferret on grass

Pssst! It’s spring!

ferret running in grass

I thought I saw a leprechaun!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

ferret licking his lips

I’d like a meat pie, please. Happy Pi Day!

ferret sleeping on floor

Ferret Nap Nook

ferret rolling in toilet paper

Ferret at play!

ferret with head in water jug

Some problems require a head-first approach.

ferret stretching

Stretch It Out!

ferret peeks out of tube


ferrets in bursting log house

Uh oh, maximum number exceeded!

ferret with head on fur

Feel the fur!

ferrets play in snow-filled kid pool

Ferret household tip #1:
Snow is not just for outdoors!

ferrets by Valentine heart

Happy Valentine’s Day!

three ferrets piled up sleeping

Snooze Pile-up!

ferret wearing hat

Be your most adorable self!

ferret running away with tissues

Preparing for a sad movie or
stuffing the stash?

ferret face

How ferrets look when doing
math in their head.

sleeping ferret

This is the year I clean up my stash …
right after this nap.

ferret wears top hat and bow tie

Happy New Year, and pass the ‘Tone!

ferret in Christmas tree

Cutest Ornament Ever!

ferret face

Happy Hanukkah!

group of ferrets

It’s difficult being the only normal one.

two ferrets by food bowl

Happy Thanksgiving!

ferret lying on teddy bear

Snuggle Weather Has Arrived!

ferret sniffing boots

Ferrets Are The Ultimate Smell-Finders

curled up ferret
Just Call Me Pretzel!
two ferrets snuggling
A Good Snuggle Improves Everything!

ferret face

I Refuse To Wake Up!

ferret sniffs leaves on floor

Welcome Fall!

ferret yawning on rug

The Mouth Is Bigger Than The Paw!

ferret on colorful fabric

Welcome To My World Of Color!

ferret peeking out of tunnel

Just Another Day Of Tube Running!

ferret and dog play tug-of-war

Mine, Mine, Mine!

face of sleeping ferret

Too Precious!

three ferrets in a pile

Why Yes, We Are Three Times The Fun!

two ferrets playing

Hey! That Ticklest!

cat and ferret hugging

Hug It Out!

dog and ferret stare at toy

I’m Not Going To Touch It, You Touch It!

face of sleepy ferret

Hit The Snooze!

ferret escaping exercise pen

Some Of Us Cannot Be Contained!

ferret lying on cat

Don’t Look Now, There’s A Ferret On Your Back!

ferret looking at camera

Weasel Wise Words: Never Let Them Catch You Stealing Treats.

ferret jumping

For The Last Time, There Is No Spider!

ferret in bath

What Did I Do To Deserve This?

ferrets in pile of toilet paper

Relaxing After A Job Well Done

ferret sticking tongue out

My Ferret Senses Are Tingling!

ferret sleeping

I Do My Best Thinking This Way!

ferret in toys

Find The Hidden Ferret!

ferret wearing pearls

Be Fabulous!

ferret sticking tongue out

Here’s What I Think Of That

two ferrets sleeping squished

So…How Can This Possibly Be Comfortable?

ferret's eyes covered by tail

I Can’t Look!

ferret with head in watering can

There’s No Kibble In Here!

ferret with U.S. flag

We Honor Our Fallen Heroes

ferret in mailbox

Sending Hugs To All Affected By
The Tornadoes

ferret sniffing cat

I Do Not See You &
I Do Not Wish To Play Now

ferret by sewing pattern

The Ferret Seamstress Will
Take Your Measurements!

ferret dancing

I AM A Dancer!

ferret in puzzle box

Well, This Is A Strange Type Of Litter!

ferret lounging on bedding

You May Bring My Treat Now

ferret sneaking up on food dish

Stalking The Wild Kibble!

ferret peeking head out

Can You Prove I Stole The Sock?

ferret looking innocent

Nope, I Don’t Know How The Dirt
Got All Over The Floor.

ferret hanging on someone's foot

How To Tame The Sock Monster!

ferret face

Happy National Ferret Day!

ferret snozzing by toy rabbit

Call In Sick, I Want To Snuggle.

cat and ferret snuggle

This Is My Pet Ferret. I’m Calling Him George, And I’m Going To Hug Him And Pet Him And Love Him!

ferret standing

What Do You Mean You “Cleaned Up” My Stash?

ferret standing at door

What Is That Out There? Oh! It’s Spring!
Happy Spring!

ferret face

People Don’t Understand Why I Talk To Animals.
That’s OK, The Animals Understand.

ferret in green outfit

I Am Pinch-Proof! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

ferret in basket of stuffed toys

How To Hide In Plain Sight

ferret with fuzzy dice

You’ve Got To Know When To Roll ‘Em!

ferret in drawer

This Had Better Be Good. I Was Busy Napping.

ferret portrait

Where Did You Hide My Keys?

cat stares at ferret from hideaway

Oh, The Indignity!

ferret peering out from hiding spot

Busted! Now I Need To Find
A New Spot For My Stash!

ferret with beads

What Do You Mean I Missed Mardi Gras?!

ferret hugging teddy bear

And They Called It Fuzzy Love…

ferret carrying toy animal

Secret Stash,
Here We Come!

ferret held in hand

An Animal’s Eyes Have The Power
To Speak A Great Language

ferret looking at cat on its shelf in cage

Cat Got Your Shelf?

ferrets sleeping in sock drawer

Socks! This Must Be Heaven!

ferret asleep in hammock

Don’t Bother Me,
I’m Dreaming

ferret held by hand

Until One Has Loved An Animal, A Part Of One’s Soul Remains Unawakened. — Anatole France

ferret on giant toy tiger

Tell Me Where You Put MY Bunny Slipper, That I Found, And The TIger Won’t Get Hurt

four ferrets curled up, one ferret looking for spot

Even In A Ferret Pile, What Matters Most?
Location, Location, Location

ferret pulling bedding out of cage

I Need To Move My Treasures
Before Mom Cleans My Cage

ferrets lying down touching noses

Ferret Nose Meld: Your Nose To My Nose,
Your Sniffs To My Sniffs

ferret pulling on teddy bear's nose

I Am Trying To Pick You Up,
But You Have To Lose A Few Ounces!

ferret with snowman toy

Sharing Secrets!

ferret by stuffed toy moose

Nose Envy

ferret wearing hat

I Am Ready For Winter Dah-lings

ferrets standing at bench

First The Thanks, Then The Feast!
Happy Thanksgiving!

ferret trying to carry bunch of pick-up sticks

Belief Can Move Mountains
(or Pick-Up Sticks)

ferret playing

Thank You,Veterans!
I’m Free To Be Me Because Of You

ferret walking

That Looking-For-Chaos Look!

two ferrets standing

Stand Up For Your Rights

ferret inside a pumpkin

Shhh! This Is My Secret Pumpkin Hideaway!

ferret sniffing at pile of food

Oh The Toy Of A Secret Stash!

Close up of ferret face

Ferret Eyes See All

wet ferret in bathtub

Baths Happen!

ferret curled into tiny bed

For A Ferret No Bed Is Too Small

ferret peering out of a tunnel

Pudgy Was Amazed By The World
Beyond The Tunnel!

ferret walking in cardboard tube

Tube Cruisin’!

pile of sleeping ferrets

In A Ferret Pile There’s Always Room For One More

Drowsy ferret staring at camera

You Are Being Watched (Somewhat)

Ferret playing in paint


two ferrets looking opposite ways

Rare Sighting! A Push-Me/Pull-You Ferret!

ferret digging in sand

Sometimes The Treasure IsThe Digging

two ferrets sleeping in the same position

Going For The Synchronized Sleeping Gold

ferret sleeping on grass

Summer Days Should Never End!

sleeping ferret

When You’re Tired, You’re Tired!

two ferrets in a cage

I Warned You Cage Bars Taste Bad!

ferret licking its lips

Bring On The Barbecue!
Happy July 4th!

ferret upside-down in hideaway

Some Days Life Looks Better Upside-Down!

two ferrets laying in grass

Snooze When You Can!

ferret half sticking its tongue out

That Rates Half A Raspberry!

ferret wearing straw hat and lei

I Say It Is Party Time!

Ferret resting on man's back

Happiness Is Finding A Good Nap Spot

Ferret face

Got Any Treats?

ferret biting at its back

Sometime, Even Ferrets
Can’t Reach An Itch!

ferret hiding in a drawer

In Honor Of Mother’s Day
I Will Behave … Someday!

ferret drinking water upside down

Hydrate At Any Angle!

ferret lying on back

Ah, Relaxation Time!

two ferrets sleeping, one in a bowl

Sometimes You Feel Like A Bowl
Sometimes You Don’t!

ferret in box grabbing a toy

Ferret Treasure!

ferret in a hat

Wake Up? But, It’s Still Nap Time!

ferret in trash can

When Exploring Goes Wrong!

ferret sleeping on cat

Friends Can Be Great Pillows!

ferret carrying pen

A Ferret’s Work Is Never Done

ferrets in and near trash can

Nope, No Leap Day In Here

ferret being bathed

Some Things Must Be Endured

two ferrets cuddling

Hug & You Shall Be Hugged

ferret on vacuum

Fun Is Where You Find It!

ferret in box

Live Life Outside The Box

ferret in kerchief

Some Days Call For Stripes,
Others Cry For Polka Dots

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