Fully Accessorized Fido

Find out what’s in style for your pampered pooch.

Pink is still top dog in dog accessories, but look out — other colors are making a splash. Muted pink and pink blended with other colors, such as brown and aqua, are gaining popularity.

“We added some neutrals and browns in keeping with what’s happening in women’s fashions,” says Jane Knittle, the president of A Pet’s World.

Must-haves this fall
Black and white, with highlights of other colors have also come back into vogue, says Kristine Fellows, designer for Lulu Jane Elegant Pet Products. “Eggplant and green — the Bohemian colors — are still influencing things, too,” she adds.

“New colors, like dark blues and deep browns, are going to be very popular,” says Ronni Di Lullo, who oversees new product development at Doggles.

Phasing out
That pampered princess look is less popular these days as owners seek out more function and less fluff. “There’s a move away from super princessy stuff to a more down-to-earth dog,” says Stacie Parillo, sales manager for Doggy Styles Designs.

However, function should still have some style. “People want something that is cute as well as functional,” Di Lullo says.

Not everyone agrees that bling is on the way out. According to Parillo, “Bling is still king for pets.” She does agree, however, that “tiaras are a little played out.”

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