Fudge?s Nose Knows

Numerous boxes of new pet products arrive at my front door every week.

Fudge never ceases to amaze me. Numerous boxes of new pet products arrive at my front door every week and she knows exactly which contain cat stuff and which are dogcentric!

Consequently I know the contents before I even look at the packing slip, let alone open any of the boxes.

If it’s cat stuff, she will go up to the box and sniff conscientiously and then befriend it with head butting. Next, she will stroll over to wherever I am and stare at me with those big green eyes as if to say, “There’s a box there, you know. You should open it … NOW.”

If it’s dog stuff, well she can’t be bothered and the box can sit at the front door for all she cares.

How does she know? It got me wondering whether cat people pack cat boxes and how those distinct feline smells actually manage to survive the U.S. Postal system or the FedEx truck for that matter.

This week a long narrow box arrived and Fudge was all over it. Cat stuff!!

She was right. It was the latest litter mat from Cats Rule.

Because she had rejected the last mat that came in for testing by refusing to let me put in under the box, I was keen to see her reactions to this one.

She loved it. I was allowed to place it under the box and it does an excellent job of trapping the litter. The best part, from my standpoint, is that it’s rubber and grips nicely and is really stylish. The company goes to a lot of trouble to produce great color combinations. Thus I can live with it too; it matches my stainless steel and black kitchen décor purrfectly!

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