Fudge a Real Pro ? Sometimes

My cat performs on cue only when she feels like it.

I got a phone call earlier this week from CatChannel managing editor Nikki Batalis telling me what a wonderful job Fudge has done in her starring role for a Cat College video. She did everything on cue, just as a professional cat would have done on a film set.

This praise must have sent telepathic good vibes around the room because suddenly Fudge got up and went over to inspect a new cat bed that she had previously been oblivious to and far more engaged in the box that it had been delivered in.

The bed is a new design from Precision Pets called the PURRsona Cat Eye Bed. I love the design, but then I am not a cat and am judging it from a decorative and pet parent’s functional point of view. It passed my test but I needed Fudge to fill in the blanks: Was it comfortable, did she think it was a fun design to play hide and seek in and how did its outer sisal covering meet her scratching and exercise needs?

Literally on cue, she went into inspection mode and tried it out. Yes! The sisal covering was purrfect for scratching and sitting on; it made a nice perch. And yes, the interior with its soft plush mat was great for a nap.  And it had a fun feathery toy attached.

Yes! It was getting two paws up.

I quickly ran off to get my camera to capture her “report.” The moment she saw the camera lens, she jumped off and went elsewhere and refused to pose!

Oh well, I have had to resort to using a photograph sent by the manufacturer which probably is just as well because another feature of this bed is that it stacks, and is thus a great space-saver in a multicat household.

I guess one picture does say a thousand words. Check it out.

Sorry, Fudge.

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