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Good Safe Fun

Cat Fancy- Editor's Note- December 2010

You don’t have to give up fun during holidays to keep them kitty safe. CF veteran Erika Sorocco offers tips to avoid having to make a trip to the emergency room during your holiday.

To keep yourself and other resident cats safe, CF newcomer Natalie Friedrich Kidd gives quick fixes to socialize an aggressive kitten.
Back when this magazine was just a decade old, Mariette Hartley’s face was all over television. I remember her best from the engaging Polaroid commercials she made with James Garner. You’ll appreciate her love of cats and all she does to show kindness toward humans.

This issue’s Champion for Cats shows it’s never too late to pursue a new dream to help cats despite what the naysayers say.

This month’s Catalyst takes on Hollywood’s negative portrayal of cats in film and television. Unfortunately, life sometimes imitates art and real cats have actually suffered from violence that was suggested in make-believe. Entertainment should never lead to the actual harm of anyone and I think film and television creators can do much better.

Check out our team’s favorite new products in this year”s Editors’ Choice Awards. Our cat hero of the year, Scott Ronan, will receive one of these fine products.

Kristin Grant is never short on ideas and this month she came up with a list of 45 gift suggestions for the various types of people and cats on your list.

With this issue CF completes its 45th year. We’re happy to be part of this team that advocates the welfare of cats and celebrates the bond our readers have with them.


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