From “The Birds” to Big Cats

Actress Tippi Hedren's California sanctuary provides peace for wildcats.

Some remember the young starlet from the movie “The Birds” and TV shows including “The Bionic Woman” and “The Bob Hope Christmas Specials.” Others know her as the doting mother of actress Melanie Griffith. As an actress, Hedren played quite a few roles, but through her position as Shambala’s chief operator and spokeswoman, Hedren’s found a much more significant and vital role in her life.

After finishing production on the movie “Satan’s Harvest” in 1972, Hedren was inspired to save the wild animals being slaughtered for their furs and other commodities on the African continent where filming took place. When Hedren received 73 acres of wide-open space in Acton (about 40 miles northeast of Los Angeles), she began taking in abused and abandoned large wildcats. The first were lions and tigers from wayward collectors, then from over-taxed zoos and circuses. Now, wildcats from around the world are welcome at Shambala.

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