From Habitat To Home

Take cues from your rabbit to make its habitat into a home it's happy to live in.

opening pages to article: From Habitat To HomeAs loving bunny parents, we pride ourselves on instinctively knowing our fuzzy buddies through and through — from the treats they like or dislike to their favorite playtime activities, and whether they prefer to spend their leisure time lounging or exploring their surroundings. Yet even the most doting rabbit moms and dads are oftentimes unsure of the perfect housing for their cuddly counterparts…until now. 

Cast away all semblance of confusion regarding big cage or small, indoors or out, and all other questions that arise when discussing habitats, as you’re about to get schooled on A+ rabbit housing…from the point of view of your baby buns!
“Rabbits are highly social, intelligent and sensitive creatures,” said Karen Augustynowicz of Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue in Clinton, N.J., and mom to five buns. “The area they are provided as living space greatly influences their ability to reach their full potential as a companion animal.”

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