From Forest to Hearth

The Norwegian Forest Cat warms hearts everywhere.

Sometimes, you just know when someone is staring at you. That’s certainly the case at Barbara Midura’s home. When Midura, a Texas-based Norwegian Forest Cat breeder and president of the Norwegian Forest Cat Fanciers Association, leaves her house, little feline faces peek out the window eagerly awaiting her return.

When all those eyes see her pull up in the driveway, they immediately bolt over to the front door.

“The window overlooks the driveway,” she says. “So they sit in that window and wait for me to come home. The minute they hear my car drive up, they run up and look out the window and then they’re all waiting for me at the door.”

Happy, social and interactive, the Wegies, as they’re affectionately called, thrive on companionship, both with their humans and with other animals. One of their most distinctive traits is their ability to make friends.

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