From Cat Portrait to Cat Pillows

Artist Sarah Clark has shown off cats’ zany personalities in paintings and now offers custom pillows of cats’ quirks.

Artist Sarah Clark wanted to do something that would forever immortalize one’s feline friend, showing off their zany personality, off-the-cuff quirks, and overall cuteness, so she turned to an interesting medium: pillows!

Using stories and reference photos provided by owners, Clark crafts custom pet portrait pillows that look exactly like their model. Photographic evidence A and B:

“Every pillow I create is based on a real pet with a real story, and I love to capture their unique personality quirks within my designs,” Clark writes online. “Your stories and reference photos help me craft a complete picture!”

Custom pillows cost $200; but if you’d prefer something a bit less expensive, and more generic, Clark also sells adorable (not custom) cat and dog pillows for $35 apiece. Aren’t they the purrfect form of home décor for the cat lover?!

Would you splurge on a custom pet pillow?


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