Fritz Industries to Manufacture Mardel and Aquarium Product lines

Fritz will manufacture 13 products, including Maracyn and CopperSafe

Fritz Industries, manufacturer of water conditioners, nitrifying bacteria, pH adjusters, and filtration products announced that it will begin to manufacture Mardel and Aquarium Product lines of  Sergeants Pet Care Products, Inc. The royalty agreement means Fritz will manufacture the following products: CopperSafe, Maracyn, Maracyn 2, MarOxy, Maracide, Maracyn+, ProtoShield, ParaShield, BacterShield, QuickCure, Crystal Clear, Clout and BioZyme.

Mardel Coppersafe will now be manufactured by Fritz Aquatics.


“We at Fritz are very close to the Mardel line and are proud to be able to continue it under the Fritz banner,” said Mike Noce, Fritz Industries Sales Manager.  “The Mardel products are a fantastic addition to our existing line of Fritz Aquatics chemical and biological products.”

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