Fritz The Dog Is Terrible At Catching Sausages

Poor Fritz is at it again, attempting to catch food in his mouth and failing miserably... every single time.

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Most dogs would catch a juicy sausage the moment it's tossed. Fritz is not most dogs.

We’ve all got a weakness in life, and Fritz’s is catching food.

In a video uploaded to YouTube this week by Fritz Dog, Fritz is at it again with his exceptionally terrible ability to catch food in his mouth. In a previous video, he tried to catch a burrito, a donut, a meatball and a taco. He missed every time.

Via YouTube

He’s got it, he’s got it, he’s got it… he doesn’t got it. Via YouTube

This time, Fritz attempts to catch three different sausages — one small, one medium and one large. The small sausage is a huge miss, as it lands in front of him. It seems like Fritz is close to catching the medium sausage, but then realizes it’s about to hit him in the face and moves away at the last second. The large sausage is Fritz’s closest victory, but once it lands in between his chompers, it slides right out the side onto the ground.

Poor Fritz. Maybe next time?

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