Fringe Benefits

Aside from reading, writing and basically thinking about birds all day ?not to mention occasionally playing with baby birds during photo shoots or writing a bird jingle ?being the editor of Bird Talk has another added benefit. This time each year, our sister publication Pet Product News sends a call out to the other editors asking if we want test some of the products for its annual “Editor’s Choice” issue. The product submissions have been rolling in over the past couple of weeks, evident by the daily FedEx and UPS deliveries that are giving the warehouse guys a good workout. I happily volunteered to be a bird product tester (as well as a rabbit product tester). Today, I got some hay for Mr. Buns and some bird bread mix for the flock. I’m thinking I’ll play “parront” this Mother’s Day weekend and put on my bird-adorned apron and bake some birdie bread. My flock takes their product-testing duties quite seriously. Last year, Ollie spent a good part of a week thoroughly inspecting the tent I put in his cage and, a year later, refuses to give it back; that’s how much he liked it. It’s hard job, but some birdie has to do it, right?

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