Friend to Felines, Hero to Humans

Dr. James Richards? life (1948-2007) and work made a difference for cats and people.

You may not recognize veterinarian James Robert Richards’ name (or “Dr. Jim” as he was affectionately called), but if you love cats, I can almost guarantee that he affected your life. He was best-known for his research on sarcomas and vaccines, which led to changes in vaccine protocols. He also was someone who understood the importance of cats and how they affect their humans.

Eager to ensure that cats had the longest, healthiest lives possible, he relentlessly endeavored to educate the public and veterinary community. For those of us who write about cats, he was an invaluable resource. A multitude of books and CAT FANCY articles came about because of Dr. Jim’s assistance. He died tragically on April 26.

**For the full article, pick up the August 2007 issue of CAT FANCY.**

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