Freshwater Tank Care Articles

Read some of the more than 100 freshwater tank care tips here from expert fishkeepers so you can apply what they know to your successful aquarium endeavors. These are tried and true tips that will keep your tank and its inhabitants healthy.


How to Maintain Your Aquarium Filter
Do you clean your filter often enough?

Feeding Fish While on Vacation
What’s the best way to feed your fish while you are away on vacation?

Freshwater Aquarium Filters
What type of filter is most suitable for a 55-gallon freshwater aquarium?

Undergravel Aquarium Filters
Are undergravel filters an outdated” piece of equipment for a freshwater aquarium?

How to Clean Clogged Pond Sump Pumps and Filter Screens
There are ways to decrease the amount of maintenance sump pumps and filter screens need.

Dealing With Dropsy
Keep your fish from falling victim to dropsy.

How to Avoid New Tank Syndrome
New tank syndrome is a water quality problem.

Prepare for New Fish
Be prepared to house your new fish by quarantining and properly cycling the display aquarium.

Using Salt for Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Salt may not be the best idea for your freshwater aquarium fish.