Freshen Up for Your Dog’s Sweet Dreams

You bathe and groom your dog regularly, but how often do you clean his pet bed or special spot on the couch?

Dogs commonly snooze in the same place every day. As a result, body odors can seep into fabrics, area rugs, and pet beds, leaving a discernible doggie aroma. While your house may look sparkling clean, lingering odors may expose your dogs favorite napping spot. Follow these tips to freshen it up:

  • Launder your pets bedding as often as you launder your bed sheets.
  • When odor becomes apparent, sprinkle baking soda on fabric furniture. Let the soda sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then vacuum it up before letting your pet back onto the furniture.
  • Use an air freshener designed for pet odor or that offers super odor control.
  • Spray a fabric freshener that is safe for pets on and around sleeping areas in between cleanings.

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