Fresh Water Tips For Hamsters

Hamsters need access to fresh, clean water.

All animals need access to fresh, clean water for good health and survival. A hamster drinks 10 to 30 milliliters of water daily. Hamsters that don’t receive enough water can become dehydrated, lose weight and eventually die. Insufficient water consumption is also a cause of infertility in hamsters.

An inverted hanging bottle with a stainless steel sipper tube is the best way to provide a hamster with water. Unlike a bowl, this type of bottle can’t be tipped over or splashed through, and it keeps water clean.

Change the water daily to prevent buildup of bacteria and to ensure that the drinking tube isn’t clogged. Clean the bottle monthly or more frequently if the inside seems slimy or develops a green film on the surface. This can occur if the bottle is exposed to direct sunlight. Clean the sipper tube weekly.

A hamster needs only one water bottle, but some people like to provide two: one with plain water and one with water treated with liquid vitamins. Having two bottles allows the hamster to choose the one it prefers.

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