French Cat Names

Name your cat something with a little continental flair, from the language of love: French.

Think your cat carries herself with a certain attitude of indifference, like a smoking New Wave Cinema star? Maybe he is a creative artist who gathers at the cafe/food dish to spend time with fellow feline intellectuals. Give your cat a name with French flair!

Watch videos from Henri, Le Chat Noir >>

We selected names inspired by those who speak the Language of Love and selected a list of the best cat names. Here are our top picks for a great French cat name:
Paris – the Capitol
Antoinette – flourishing, praiseworthy
Aimée – Loved
Paulette Small
Alexandre – Protector of men
Andre – Courageous
Saber Sword
Amore Love
Jean-luc – Captain of the Enterprise, does anything else need to be said?

Visit the Cat Fancy Cat Names Center for more inspiration >>

Does your cat already have a French name? Let us know in the comments!

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