French Bulldog Gets A Kick Out Of Sliding In The Snow

Admit it, you're dying to do this the next time there's even a light dusting on the grass.

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You can almost hear this dog yelling "Wheee!" to himself.

While most of the Northeast is preparing for Winter Storm Jonas and all of the frozen nastiness it could bring, everyone in my own Southern city is doing exactly the same thing. The forecast is currently calling for 1 inch of snow, which means that my neighbors are probably spending their afternoons in a 20-person deep grocery store line, stocking up on enough milk, bread and eggs to make the world’s most unnecessary order of French toast.

There’s part of me that hopes it does snow, mainly because everyone here responds to it like the little French Bulldog does in this YouTube video posted last Sunday by Neil Brown.

Us Southerners don’t see enough winter weather for it to be a real nuisance (not unless you need something from Harris Teeter), so the collective response is a resounding “Wheeeee! Wheeeee! Snow!” If this Frenchie was capable of “Whee!”-ing, that’s exactly what he’d be doing while sliding across the grass on his… well, on his face.

This Frenchie is the only one not sick of winter yet. Via Neil Brown/YouTube

This Frenchie is the only one not sick of winter yet. Via Neil Brown/YouTube

He’s delighted by the slippery accumulation on the ground, and what better way to show that then by running excitedly across it? It sure beats the heck out of standing around waiting to buy 2 gallons of milk.

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