French Bulldog Ratted Out by Her Best Friend

Not that it wasn’t obvious in the first place…

In times of trouble, your best friend is supposed to have your back, right? I mean, if that’s what I would expect of my best friend. If I made a huge mess, I would hope they would not rat me out at their first possible chance.


In this video posted to YouTube that is rapidly going viral, a pet owner comes home to find a roll of toilet paper completely unraveled throughout the house and a good portion of it still wrapped around her French Bulldog.

“Is that what you want, do you want to wear the toilet paper on you, huh? Did you make this mess?” she asks the dog, who says nothing in return but her answer is written all over her face: that of a guilty perpetrator. The owner pans the camera to her other dog, a Mastiff, who is wagging proudly, looking like she has something she’d like to say about the matter. “Who made this mess?” she asks the Mastiff, who quickly raises her front paw and points in the direction of the Bulldog.

The evidence was everywhere and it didn’t take a detective to solve this one, but with an eye witnesses testimony, this case is closed.


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