French Bulldog Belts Out Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ In Car Sing-along

And singing isn't Junior the Frenchie's only talent — he's also a lifesaver.

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You know you're going to see if your dog will sing along with you.

Admit it, we all sing in our cars. When you’re at a stoplight, you know that you’re shouting along with Huey Lewis, pointing one finger at the guy in the Acura idling beside you and sincerely asking him, “Do you believe in love?” with emphasis on the you.

The only thing better than channeling your inner Huey — or, our favorite, Adele — is when your passengers join in with you. Walter Ledermüller has quite possibly the world’s cutest copilot (and best duet partner), a French Bulldog named Junior.

Ledermüller posted a video of himself belting out a cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” and Junior didn’t even hesitate to jump in and add some harmonies. And, although it’s hard to out-Rihanna RiRi herself, these two shine plenty bright. Based on their YouTube channel, Junior and Ledermüller are well, well rehearsed at these impromptu front seat concerts. (Junior has also appeared on “Das Supertalent,” the German version of “America’s Got Talent.”)

"Junior sensed my cancer," the headline reads. "And now the Bulldog sings on TV." Via Junior-Bulldog/Facebook

“Junior sensed my cancer,” the headline reads. “And now the Bulldog sings on TV.” Via Junior-Bulldog/Facebook

It’s safe to say that Junior is already something of a celebrity in Germany, where he lives. Not only is the dog known for his singing skills, he is also credited with saving the life of Ledermüller’s partner, Emanuele Tiburizo. The two say that Junior was able to “sense” Tiburizo’s cancer, prompting him to seek out treatment. After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, Tiburizo is now cancer-free.

And that is something to sing about.

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