French Bulldog Happily Tries To Eat His Way Out Of A Watermelon

We're not sure how this puppy got inside a watermelon, but he is more than happy to eat his way out.

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Nom nom nom. Via shelisrolex/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

There are few things quite as refreshing as biting into a ripe, juicy watermelon on a hot summer day.

And amazingly, a French Bulldog understands that seasonal taste sensation all too well. Because in a video posted to Instagram by shelisrolex, a Frenchie named Rolex sits inside a watermelon and proudly tries to eat his way out.

Via shelisrolex/Instagram

“Don’t mind if I do…” Via shelisrolex/Instagram

This pup cannot get enough of the watermelon sweetness and gobbles it up like a mouse inside a house of cheese.

What’s truly impressive is how perfectly Rolex fits inside of a hollowed watermelon. And also that he can chow down from inside the fruit without toppling over.

Via shelisrolex/Instagram

“No no no nO NO!” Via shelisrolex/Instagram

Oops. Spoke too soon.

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