French Bulldog REALLY Wants To Play, Cat Friend Has Zero Interest

Despite how desperate this Frenchie is to play, the cat seems utterly unamused by the invitation.

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As you can imagine, the cat is in NO MOOD to play.
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes, trying to get a cat to care about playtime is like getting a small child to enthusiastically eat lima beans —it’s just not in the cards.

Despite the odds not being in his favor, a hopeful French Bulldog gives it the old college try. In a video uploaded to YouTube this week, Pixel the Frenchie is eager to play with a cat named Czika. For nearly two whole minutes, Pixel tries everything he can think of to pique Czika’s interest — even offering her his favorite pig toy.

He performs the play-dance ritual all dogs seem to know.

"May I interest you in a four-legged romp?" Via YouTube

“May I interest you in a four-legged romp?” Via YouTube

He then tries the standard “Silly Sidestep.”

"C'mon.... it'll be FUN!" Via YouTube

“C’mon…. it’ll be FUN!” Via YouTube

Next is the “Hilarious Hop.”

"But I'm hopping for you. LOOK AT ME HOP." Via YouTube

“But I’m hopping for you. LOOK AT ME HOP.” Via YouTube

Finally, he offers up his pig.

"Give me the pig and nobody gets hurt." Via YouTube

“Sharing is caring.” Via YouTube

Czika seems to tolerate all of this in true cat form: with mild interest. Then eventually she runs off, presumably to get some peace and quiet.

Sorry, Pixel. Maybe next time, buddy.

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