French Bulldog And Little Frog Make A Delightful Duo In Viral Video

The little Frenchie just wants to see what is climbing down its face.

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A French Bulldog sits patiently with a frog perched on its nose. Via Seu Buldogue Francês/Facebook
John Virata

A 15-second video of a French Bulldog and a little frog is tearing up social media after just 13 days on Facebook.

The video, posted to the Seu Buldogue Francês Facebook page, shows a French Bulldog seemingly wondering why a little frog is crawling down its face. The dog shows extreme patience as it lets the frog walk around the usually frog-free nose and eye region.

The short-but-sweet clip starts with the Frenchie staring sideways in an effort to see what is climbing down its face, probably without success. Despite not being able to see the little explorer, at least at first, the dog surely can feel the frog’s tiny feet climbing across the bridge of its nose.

Aflição define!Aflição define!

Posted by Seu Buldogue Francês on Friday, March 18, 2016

Finally at the tip of the nose, the little frog perches as if it is getting ready to jump, but the video then ends before any action takes place.

The little Frenchie wants to know, "What is climbing down my head? Via Seu Buldogue Francês/Facebook

“What is climbing down my head?” Via Seu Buldogue Francês/Facebook

This has got to be the cutest video on the Internet of a frog and a dog (are there really that many to begin with?). It has 4.1 million views on Facebook, has been shared close to 60,000 times and has more than 40,000 likes and 26,000 comments.

Are the frog and Frenchie friends? Or was this a random moment caught on camera? We may never know, but one thing is for sure — they make a pretty adorable pair.

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