French Bulldog And Koi Fish Have Special Relationship

Daisy and Frank have been stealing kisses for about a year.

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Daisy loves Frank.
John Virata

Daisy and Frank are lovers. They have been together for about a year, living out their dreams in Federal Way, Washington. Which is all well and good except for two things. Daisy is a 7-year-old French Bulldog and Frank? Well, Frank is a Koi fish.

That’s right, Daisy and Frank have an unusual relationship that spans species. The couple’s owner, Carrie Bredy, told that the bond between the two occurred about a year ago when she let Daisy sit on her lap so the dog could see into the koi pond in the back yard. That’s when Daisy first locked eyes with the golden Chagoi Koi.

“It was definitely love at first sight,” Bredy told “Daisy doesn’t court the other fish, although recently our Showa koi named Steve has been trying to move in on Frank’s lady.”

One more Daisy ❤️’s Frank video. I never get tired of it. A video posted by Tomato & Company (@cnote76) on

And like most couples, Daisy and Frank like to kiss — a lot.

“They don’t ignore each other much,” Bredy said. “Sometimes Frank will do a drive-by without stopping for a smooch. But they don’t get a whole lot of time together, so they mostly stay focused on each other.”

Bredy shares videos and photos of the couple on YouTube and Instagram.

While the Bredys have two other Frenchies, Walter and Tomato, and 11 other fish, Carrie says the other dogs have no interest in the fish, and Daisy has no interest in any other fish except Frank.

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