Free Cat Neutering Clinics in Delaware

The Delaware Humane Association will alter up to three male cats for free at the “Big Male Cat Fix.”

Officials at the Delaware Humane Association (DHA) are attempting to curb cat overpopulation with the “Big Male Cat Fix,” an opportunity for state residents to have cats neutered for free.

Clinics will take place between Aug. 18 and Oct. 20, one in each of Delaware’s three counties. Male cats will be altered and given rabies vaccinations at no charge, and each person may bring in up to three cats. The DHA has conducted free neutering clinics in the past, but none as large as this, said Kevin Usilton, DHA Executive Director.

“We’re excited to help reduce the number of kittens born,” he said. “We’re focusing on males because it’s easy to do a lot of them. It’s less invasive; males recover faster and one male cat can impregnate a lot of females.”

The DHA received several grants this year, which allowed the clinic to organize this event. Usilton added future free neutering clinics will occur depending on the amount of donations and grants the DHA receives.

“Free clinics prompt people who would never take an animal to the vet to participate,” he said.

Usilton advised that those who wish to make an appointment should call immediately, as spots are filling up quickly. Each clinic is limited to residents who live within the respective county. The New Castle County clinic takes place Aug. 18. The Sussex County clinic is scheduled for Sept. 15 and the Kent County clinic takes place Oct. 20.

For those that are unable to attend a free clinic or have a female cat, the DHA offers low-cost spaying and neutering three times a week. The cost to alter a male cat is $25 and $50 for a female cat.           

To schedule an appointment, call 1-888-DHA-SPAY.

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