Fox Pups Playing With A Tennis Ball Will Steal Your Heart

Two cute fox pups have a grand ol’ time playing with a dog toy in someone’s yard.

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It seems that foxes, like their domesticated cousins, enjoy playing with a tennis ball.

Let’s face it, dogs absolutely love playing with tennis balls. Whether it’s a rousing game of fetch or going from person to person at the dog park trying to get someone to kick the ball, our furry friends could play for hours. And it turns out even wild canines enjoy a good romp with a tennis ball, too.

In a video posted to YouTube earlier this week by MyLilVideos, two fluffy fox pups discover a tennis ball in a backyard, and just like their domesticated cousins, they can’t get enough of it.

"OMG it moves! Best. toy. ever!" Via MyLilVideos/YouTube

“OMG, it moves! Best. Toy. Ever!” Via MyLilVideos/YouTube

At first, one of the pups examines the toy and seems a little confused as to how dogs actually play with such a weird contraption. Then it rolls the tennis ball and realizes it’s the perfect way to practice some pouncing skills.

The other pup can’t figure out why its sibling is wasting its time playing with a dog toy until it sees how much fun stalking the tennis ball is and carefully decides to join in the game.

"Dogs are so lucky, I want this toy!" Via MyLilVideos/YouTube

“Dogs are so lucky. I want this toy!” Via MyLilVideos/YouTube

Apparently, all canines think tennis ball are loads of fun. Maybe next time these fox pups will be open to a game of fetch!

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