Four Steps For Chinchilla Travel

How to maximize your chinchilla’s travel experience.

Keep temperature in mind and plan ahead when traveling with a chinchilla. Via cute_bubu/Instagram

By Jessica Cordia

Whether you take your chinchilla on vacation or to the veterinarian, travel carriers make the trip more manageable. A few easy steps can make your chinchilla’s travel experience a good one.

1. Find A Good Travel Carrier

The travel carrier must be easy to carry, well-ventilated, and escape-proof. Small dog or cat travel carriers work well.

2. Make It Comfortable

Put some sort of bedding material on the bottom of the carrier. I put a layer of clay cat litter in mine. I also add some shredded paper,” said chinchilla owner Susan Hootens.

You can also add a hiding space, like a box, to your travel carrier. This gives the chinchilla a place to go to if it gets scared.

3. Supply Food And Water

4. Protect Your Chinchilla

Bring along a light sheet or piece of thin fabric to cover the carrier. This will protect your chinchilla from overheating and loud noise. Make sure to remove the sheet from time to time to increase ventilation in the carrier.

If you are traveling in the car, avoid extreme temperatures by using the air conditioner or heater. In the summer, put a bottle of frozen water in the carrier to keep temperatures down. In the winter, put something in the carrier that your chinchilla can snuggle up to for warmth. Never leave your chinchilla alone in the car.

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