Reptiles Rescued From Deplorable Conditions In Chicago

Sadly, four of nine of the reptiles rescued have died.

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This very thin ball python was one of five snakes that were taken from a Chicago area home. Via Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue/WBBM 105.9 FM
John Virata

There is some sad news coming out of Chicago where nine reptiles were rescued from deplorable conditions from a Winnetka home. Unfortunately, despite receiving care at a nearby veterinary clinic, four of the rescued reptiles have died.

The Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital received four leopard geckos and five ball pythons earlier this week, all in horrible condition, WBBM 105.9 FM radio reports. Some of the reptiles were covered in feces and mites. Two leopard geckos and two ball pythons didn’t survive.

“It was actually really horrifying,” Erica Mede, executive director of the Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue in Wheeling, told the newsradio station. “It was hard for my staff members at the clinic to stomach because we hadn’t seen such cases of animal abuse in a very long time, especially with reptiles.”

Mede said that the conditions were so severe that when one of her doctor’s opened an enclosure, one of the ball pythons, a generally very shy species, immediately came out and went straight to the comfort of the doctor’s hands.

One of the ball pythons getting treatment after they were found living in deplorable conditions. Via WBBM/105.9FM radio

One of the ball pythons getting treatment after it was found living in deplorable conditions. Via Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue/WBBM 105.9 FM

“I kid you not… my doctor opened the drawer and one of the ball pythons actually came out and just wanted to be held,” Mede said. “We have a picture of him resting his head in her hand. And it is the saddest thing we ever experienced. It actually brought her to tears.”

Mede told 105.9 FM that law enforcement has been contacted to see if charges could be filed against the owner of the reptiles.

Once the reptiles are nursed back to health, they will be available for fostering and then adoption. If you wish to donate to their care, you can call the hospital at (847) 329-8709.

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