Foundation Plans 46 Dog Health Studies in 2009

Morris Animal Foundation-funded research will focus on topics such as cancer, heart disease.

In 2009, Morris Animal Foundation plans to fund nearly 200 animal health studies, including 46 new and continuing studies to benefit dogs.

Canine health research topics include crucial health and well-being issues such as blood disorders, cancer, eye disorders, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, pain management, and kidney disease, canine influenza, and other infectious diseases, the Foundation said.

MAF is funding studies at nearly 50 of the world’s most elite veterinary colleges, zoological institutions, and scientific research centers. In addition to traditional studies, 43 veterinary student scholars are conducting short-term health study projects at universities worldwide.

Veterinary student scholars work with a mentor on research projects early in their careers, allowing them to consider a career in veterinary research. This MAF-supported program is designed to help fill a need for training the next generation of animal health scientists.

The Foundation has funded more than 600 humane canine health studies and has helped advance the study of canine cancer, kidney disease, bladder stones, heart abnormalities, and genes tied to blindness.

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