Former Fighting Dog Turns Tragedy Into Fashion Trend

Pit Bull mix Abigail began rocking cute headbands and bonnets after she lost her ear in a dog fighting match.

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Abigail in a headband
Abigail is believed to have lost her right ear in a dog fight. Via Bonnets For Abigail/Facebook
Stephanie Brown

Pit Bull mix Abigail is missing one ear, but she’s got plenty of style.

The canine fashion plate is often seen sporting headbands and bonnets. It became her signature look after she underwent surgery for her ear injury late last year.

Victoria Frazier, founder of Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue, rescued Abigail after spotting her photo on a Miami shelter’s Facebook page. She had ended up at the shelter after being found on the street. Abigail’s ear was missing and she had other injuries, leading her rescuers to believe she had been used as a bait dog.

Abigail after surgery

Abigail’s injuries were consistent with injuries seen in dog fighting cases. Via Bonnets For Abigail/Facebook

“We brought her to our vet and at first didn’t know what happened,” Frazier told ABC News back in December 2016. “They could see she was missing an ear and had various other injuries, but it wasn’t until she was shaved for surgery they saw all the old wounds. This was not a one-time thing. It was consistent with having been used as bait in a dog fighting ring.”

Abigail in a bonnet

Abigail wore bonnet-like dressing on her head following her surgery and the photos took off on social media. Via Bonnets For Abigail/Facebook

Frazier put a bonnet on Abigail’s head to help with the healing, and soon the sweet dog with soulful eyes became an internet sensation. Her story and colorful bonnets captured the hearts of people across the globe. More than 200 handmade bonnets poured in for Abigail, Naples Daily News reports.

Bonnet pile

People around the world sent Abigail bonnets and headbands. Via Bonnets For Abigail/Facebook

Frazier fostered Abigail for several months as the dog recovered, all the while continuing to post photos on Facebook of the pretty pooch in her cute headbands. This month marked a major milestone for Abigail — she finally found her forever home.

Megan and Jason Contreras of Fort Myers, Florida, adopted Abigail, who is believed to be around 2 years old, on July 1, Naples Daily News reports. Megan, who works with the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau, and her husband, Jason, who works for a local law enforcement agency, were chosen out of 100 applicants. The couple has another rescue dog, Tala, who they said bonded with Abigail immediately.

“It was perfect,” Contreras told the local newspaper. “Tala has accepted her just like a sister.”

Abigail and Tala

Tala clearly has been influenced by her new sister’s fashion sense. Via Bonnets For Abigail/Facebook

Abigail will continue as an ambassador for her breed and to raise awareness in the fight against animal abuse. Her new owners have agreed to keep her Facebook page, Bonnets For Abigail, active so Abigail’s fans can continue to follow along on her inspiring journey and see her latest headband styles.

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