Forever Home – Cougar and the Kids

A cat in need of a home 'adopts' two young kittens.


When a cat named Cougar was picked up by Lane County Animal Services in Eugene, Ore., she had one eye and weighed only 5 pounds.Cougar was on track to be euthanized, but Dr. Sally Conklin-Cugini, DVM, fell in love with her and went the extra mile. She worked with West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue, where an eye specialist determined that Cougar’s ‘good’ eye would have to be removed, and volunteers got her to Oregon State University for eye and spay surgery.

After recovering in a foster home, Cougar joined the adoptable cats in the PetSmart cat room in Eugene, where she adjusted remarkably well.’Fearless’ is the word many volunteers applied to her. Still, no one seemed interested in adopting her.

Then she met The Kids, who were rescued from a local ranch. The ranch owner loved cats but didn’t spay or neuter them, so her cats had kittens and the kittens had kittens and before long she had a lot more cats than she could take care of. After she died, there were more than 50 cats on her property, some very wild, and no one wanted them.

Fortunately, volunteers from several rescue groups arrived, only to find that one cat had just given birth. She was malnourished, sick and too wild to handle. What to do with The Kids?

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