For Those Who Want Cat’s Paw-Scented Hands

A Japanese hand cream has come up with a new scent: cat’s paw.

Hand creams nowadays come in a variety of scents. Today your hands can smell like cinnamon. Tomorrow they’ll be coconut-scented. For date night they might have a slight rose scent. And for the days when you’re away from your feline friend, your hands can smell like a cat’s paw.

For cat lovers who love sniffing their cat’s paws, this is the perfect hand cream for you.

Japanese company Felissimo loves cats. In fact, they have a whole Cat Division. So after their cat-themed lingerie and pullovers that make you look like a kitty, the next logical step was a product that made you smell like one, right? PetsLady reports that when Felissimo’s Cat Division was brainstorming ideas, an “employee suggested making a hand cream that made hands as soft and squeezable as a cat’s paw.” That, of course, led to a discussion about cat parents who like to sniff their cat’s paws. The question arose: What do cat paws smell like and how could Felissimo pack that scent into a hand cream?

To find out, Felissimo teamed with Yamamoto Perfumery Co. and visited a cat café where they – you guessed it – sniffed the resident cats’ paws, RocketNews24 reports. The company also took to social media and posed the question to fans. The responses varied from sweet smells such as caramel and crepes to scents like wheat and soybeans, with popcorn being at the top, according to RocketNews24. The result? Cat Paw Scent Hand Cream for Humans that smells like popcorn and sweets.

According to PetsLady, the cream is only available in Japan. That of course means a trip to Japan is warranted. Hand cream, cat cafés and cat islands – what more could a cat lover ask for in a vacation?

If Cat Paw Scent Hand Cream became available everywhere, would you purchase it?

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