For This Cat, Window Washing Day is the Best Day Ever

We think the window washers get as much enjoyment out of the exchange as the cat does.

Your cat likely gets excited about a number of things. Food probably tops the list. A good petting or belly rub might be second, followed by a great place to nap – which could involve your bed, a clean pile of laundry or just about anyplace else that’s not your cat’s actual bed.

For Rina Takei’s cat Guinness, window washing day is the number one most exciting thing. Guinness sits at the window of the London apartment he shares with Takei and watches as his mystery playmate suddenly appears, waving a squeegee around the window and creating what must be the best game Guinness has ever played. The black cat follows the movement of the window being cleaned and seems overjoyed to participate in the fun. When the window washers are done, we can only imagine that Guinness sits and waits for them to return.

What does your cat get excited about?


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