Foods To Make Rabbits Thrive

Feed your rabbit right to maintain its health.

opening pages to article: Foods To Make Rabbits ThriveBy providing an appropriate diet for your rabbit, you ensure that it is healthier, happier and lives longer. How will you know if your rabbit is thriving? He or she has good body condition, a soft, glossy coat, bright, clear eyes and a healthy appetite. In addition, rabbits that are in peak health produce formed, firm (but not hard) fecal pellets. 

Rabbit Digestion
In order to understand how best to feed your rabbit, it helps to know a little about the unique anatomy and function of the rabbit digestive tract, which is quite different to those of humans, dogs and cats.

Like humans, dogs and cats, rabbits are monogastric, which means they have one stomach. For their size, they have the largest stomach of any monogastric animal. The rabbit’s gastrointestinal system constitutes up to one fifth of its body weight — which is an indication of how important eating is to rabbits.

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