Follow That Dog: Lottie The Border Collie Loves Giving Hugs

Doesn't everyone need a friend who's always there with a hug?

Her name is Lottie, she lives in Canada, and we simply cannot get enough of her. 

Currently going viral for her amazing hugging trick, this talented Border Collie is no one-trick pony.

From frisbee catching…

…to jumping…

Jump Around! #bordercollie #trick #trickdog #dogtrick #stuntdog #lottiethecollie

A video posted by Lottie And Grizzly (@lottiethecollie) on

…to toilet using (yes, toilet using)…

…owner Taylor Duguay has taught Lottie many useful skills, but there’s no doubt that sweetest of all of Lotties’ skills is giving a hug to her best dog friend, a German Shepherd named Grizzly.

She has over 12,000 Instagram followers and another 2,000 on Vine, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more. You can follow this dynamic dog at @lottiethecollie. Wouldn’t you love to get a hug from her too?

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