Fluval Donates $5,000 to Coral Restoration Foundation

Coral Restoration Foundation works to protect and restore coral reefs.

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John Virata

Fluval, manufacturer of the Sea line of aquarium products, announced that it has signed on as a sponsor of the Coral Restoration Foundation and has presented it with a $5,000 donation. The Coral Restoration Foundation works to protect and restore coral reefs and trains others to implement reef restoration and protection strategies in coastal communities around the world. 


“Through extensive research, Hagen has always strived to provide innovative products that connect customers to their pets.  As a company, we take pride in creating the most natural and realistic environments for animals, which also meet all of their essential needs,” said Jeff San Souci, director of marketing for Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp., proprietor of the Fluval brand.  “This time, we wanted to take things a step further by giving directly to an organization that plays such an integral role in restoring and caring for an ecosystem in dire need of saving.”

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Hagen recently sent Aquatic Development Manager Francis Yupangco on a dive in South Florida with the foundation to help plant coral from an underwater tree nursery back to the local ecosystem. During his dive, Yupangco documented the dive to help educate consumers about the critical condition many coral reefs face around the world.


“The importance of this project isn’t in a single donation or dive – it’s in the knowledge we can share about a substantial threat to a beautiful and essential habitat,” said Yupangco.

Said Ken Nedimyer, CRF Founder: “The Coral Restoration Foundation is very excited to have Fluval on board as a sponsor.  Their support will help us replenish an important ecosystem to ensure the survival of many fish and invertebrates. Having Fluval join us on a recent dive goes to show just how committed they are to protecting ocean life, not to mention the enjoyment of the aquarium hobby itself.”

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