Fluffy Bear Exposed As Being A Dog

Chowder the Chow Chow had us all fooled.

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When is a bear not a bear? When it's Chowder the Bear Dog. Via ChowderTheBearDog/Instagram
Anastasia Thrift

If you encounter a black bear, try to scare it away. If you happen upon a grizzly bear, back away slowly. And if you see Chowder the bear you tell him he’s a good boy and give in to his uber fluffiness because he’s a super cute dog.

Three-year-old Chowder, a Chow Chow from the capital city of Manilla in the Philippines, looks like a giant teddy bear in photos on Instagram. Before you go thinking he’s a real bear, though, watch out for these tells that reveal the doggo he is.

1. Destruction Level: Dog

Oops! Mommy caught me making a mess… sorry mom! #NeverMissAMoment @pldthome

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He will ruff up the occasional tissue but probs not the trees they come from.

2. His Bandana Game Is Tight.

No bear could rock this look as well as a dog.

3. Chow Tongue = Instant Giveaway

I like to stick my tongue out a lot 😜 Follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/chowderthebeardog 🐻❤️

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We know you are trying to pass as a bear, but that dark tongue can only belong to a Chow Chow.

4. Hunting Level: Food Dish

I like to eat my food sitting down 🐶🐻

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Chowder looks pampered enough that he doesn’t go far to get food.

5. The Softer Side Of Chowder.

*sniffs* man you need to take a shower buddy

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This level of tenderness is unbearable.

6. He Has People Wrapped Around His Little Finger.


7. And That’s How We Know He’s Not A Bear.

I am a lion hear me ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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Or a lion. Nice try, Chowder!

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