This Is The Fluffiest Cat You’ve Ever Seen

Sky is a Ragdoll cat with so much fluffy fur he's basically his own pillow.

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So. Much. Flouf. Via Sky the Ragdoll/Instagram

There’s no such thing as too much fluff. And we know this because of Sky the Ragdoll.

Sky is a male Ragdoll cat who has gained a huge following on Instagram (@sky_the_ragdoll) due to his masterful skills in relaxation, but mainly because of his fluffiness. He has a gorgeous cream colored coat and ocean-blue eyes. And boy oh boy, is he a charmer.

Sky knows exactly how adorable he is, and his owners capture him in his finest moments – whether using his own body as a pillow or awkwardly sitting like a human – and shares them on Instagram.

Here are all the moments Sky rocked his massively thick coat like a BOSS.

1. Fluffy Morning Stretch

"Sunday fun day!" #skytheragdoll

A photo posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on

“What up, world? Let’s do this.”

2. Bowl Of Fluff

"Cat soup?" #skytheragdoll

A photo posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on

“You can’t tell, but there’s a bowl under here somewhere.”

3. Fluffy Judging Eyes

"Never make eye contact with a cat." #skytheragdoll #bernesemountaindog

A photo posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on

“Dude, do you have any idea how ridiculous you look right now? Smh.”

4. Fluff And Chill

"Caturday…. It's here." #skytheragdoll #catswiththeirmouthsopen #catsofinstagram

A photo posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on

“THIS is how you relax, humans.”

5. Fluff Bath

"Human calls it sink. I call it bed." #skytheragdoll

A video posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on

“You promised me a spa day. Is this what you meant??”

6. Fluff Of Thrones

“Time out?! It was only two scratches on your brand new furniture.” #skytheragdoll #weeklyfluff A photo posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on

“All cats must bow.”

7. De-fluffer Coat

“Modeling my new Valentine’s Day swag.” #skytheragdoll

A video posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on

“Guys, I clearly don’t need to wear a jacket.”

8. Fluff Face

#repost “When someone remembers your name but you don’t remember theirs.” #skytheragdoll A photo posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on

“This is how you smile pretty, right?”

9. Bundled Fluff

“Doing nothing while thinking about nothing is tough but someone has to do it.” #skytheragdoll

A photo posted by Sky (@sky_the_ragdoll) on

“No, I have never been cold.”

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