Flu Bug Can’t Pass From People to Dogs

Fast dog to relieve vomiting, then feed lightly with rice and chicken broth.

Q. We have a young Labrador Retriever-Pointer-Hound mix. Since having a stomach bug through our home, our dog has started to show the same symptoms. She doesn’t seem to be getting better and can’t keep down water or white rice in chicken broth. Any suggestions?

A. Stomach bugs in humans are unidentified, but suspected, viruses. Most viruses do not cross over between humans and dogs, so it is very unlikely your dog has the same problem. However, regardless of what your dog has, the initial treatment is usually the same.

Offer your dog water only (in small amounts) for 24 hours. If she does not vomit, offer her small amounts of the rice and chicken broth. After 24 hours of frequent, small feedings, go back to feeding her regular diet, as long as she is not vomiting. If she continues to vomit, take her to the vet so she doesn’t get dehydrated.

Most stomach and intestinal upsets in dogs are due to dietary indiscretion, also known as “garbage gut.” They usually respond to a water-only fast which allows the lining of the stomach and intestine to heal. Chicken and rice are foods that are easily digestible, and so are good choices following the fast.

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