Florida Officer Helps Lost Puppy Find New Home

With no ID and no one to claim it, the little dog finds "Hope" thanks to the kind-hearted man.

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Hope and Officer Kareem Garibaldi rest after a long couple of days. Via SPCA Florida/Facebook

Lakeland, Florida, police officer Kareem Garibaldi took his oath to “protect and serve” to new heights on Saturday.

It was early that morning the rookie officer found an 8-to-10 week old puppy with no collar or tag running around one of the neighborhoods he patrols. After being unable to locate the owner of the Pit Bull/Boxer mix, Garibaldi took it to his precinct to feed and shelter it.

With no word as to who owned the pup, the officer took it home at the end of his shift. On Sunday, he returned to work with his new furry friend in tow and posted pictures on social media before returning to the neighborhood to again look for an owner.

Garibaldi – not hearing from anyone on his Internet search – finished his third 12-hour shift and then on his own time, drove the puppy to the local SPCA to be checked out. The officer sat and waited another three-plus hours as a vet checked out the pup. As news spread with an adorable tweet of the cute canine and its savior sleeping, someone saw it, adopted the pup later that day and reportedly, appropriately, named it “Hope.”

The Lakeland PD – who also posted this story on its Facebook page with pride for its officer – shared the adorable pic of Hope who definitely found its “guardian angel.”

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