Florida Legislature Passes Pet Burial Law

If bill is signed by governor, cats can be buried with owners.

Florida residents who want to be buried with their cat — or any other pet — would be allowed under legislation that was passed by the state Senate last week and is waiting for the governor’s signature.

The pet burial provision was included in a cemetery-regulation bill by state Sen. Jim King, who says he wants the ashes of his black Labrador Retriever, Valentine, to join him in his coffin.

If Gov. Charlie Crist signs the pet burial bill, people will be allowed to have the remains of their pet included in their casket as long as the remains are in a separate urn.

Under current state law, a licensed cemetery can house only human remains.

On May 2, The Florida Senate voted 38-1 in favor of the pet burial bill. A date has not been set for Gov. Crist to review and/or sign the legislation.

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