Florida Deputy Saves Puppy From Septic Drain And Then Adopts Him

The puppy was given several baths and when the owner wasn't found, his rescuer rescued him again.

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This poor pup fell into a septic drain. Via St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook
John Virata

Deputies with the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office in Florida were serving papers at a home in the town of Fort Pierce, and as they were leaving the residence, they heard a puppy crying. A search of the area found the dog trapped in a septic drain that had collapsed.

A deputy pulled the poopy pup out of the hole with a catch pole and placed him into a crate in the back of a truck. After the pup was given not one, but several baths, officials tried to locate his owner in the neighborhood which he was found but were unsuccessful, according to the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page

So, rather than turn the pup over to a local shelter, the deputy who rescued him adopted him. And now he is living with a loving officer of the law.

1. He Stinks Now, But Soon He Won’t.

“Please give me a bath!”

2. After Being Pulled From The Hole, A Truck (Bed) Ride Followed.

You stink… but still deserve love.

3. All Cleaned Up And Smelling Good.

“I feel clean, too!”

4. Go Ahead And Play With The Shoe!

Although you might smell good, this shoe might not.

5. Ah, It Is Truly A Dog’s Life.

“No more poopy holes for me!”

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