Flinging Food

Flinging food is when a pet bird throws its food around.


This behavior seems to be a natural one for parrots, above and beyond the natural messiness of avian food consumption. There are theories that such behavior aids the wild environment to support and replenish its diverse populations of life forms. For example, ground-feeding critters get access to food that grows in the upper canopy of the rain forest, and the dropped seeds assist in propagation of plants for next year’s harvest.


A variety of tricks can decrease food-related mess in the home. Cage aprons and plastic floor coverings (somewhat) protect floors and carpets, and shower curtains hung behind cages can help with horizontal food flinging. Some bird owners also restrict the areas where certain very messy foods are eaten, such as feeding corn on the cob at the table, instead of the cage where corn skins cement themselves to cage bars.

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