Flight Attendant Adopts Street Dog Who Waited Outside Her Hotel For Months

A dog in Argentina captured the heart of a German flight attendant by essentially stalking her every time she came to town.

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"This dog would not take no for an answer." Via Olivia Sievers/Facebook
Stephanie Brown

When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you just know. And then you follow them around with puppy dog eyes until they know it, too.

Well, at least that’s how it worked for one dog in Argentina.

The street dog knew he’d found the one when he met a German flight attendant, and then he followed her around like a love sick puppy dog every chance he got until he finally won her heart.

Olivia Sievers first crossed paths with the dog, whom she named Rubio, earlier this year while in Buenos Aires for work. She saw him on the street near her hotel and showed him kindness, giving him food and attention. After that, Rubio was in love — whether Sievers liked it or not.

Olivia Sievers/Facebook

Via Olivia Sievers/Facebook

“I tried to change my way because I didn’t want that he follow me back to the hotel,” she told Noticiero Trece.”But it was not possible. He always came back and followed me. I tried one hour, but he always watched me and followed me.”

Whenever Sievers returned to the hotel, Rubio would be waiting. If he had opposable thumbs, Rubio totally would’ve held up a boom box in front of Sievers’ hotel a la John Cusack in “Say Anything.”

“He was really happy that somebody gave him attention,” Sievers told Noticiero Trece. “This dog really wants a friend and attention.”

Via Olivia Sievers/Facebook

Via Olivia Sievers/Facebook

Finally, after about 6 months, Sievers gave in and adopted the love-struck canine. On Friday, she flew Rubio to Germany to live with her.

Olivia Seivers/Facebook

Via Olivia Sievers/Facebook

We guess persistence really does pay off!

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